At St Therese Catholic Primary School Padstow, all staff work collaboratively within their roles to achieve the best possible outcomes for our community.

Dr Michelle Court
Dr Michelle CourtPrincipal
Mr Steven Gissane
Mr Steven GissaneAssistant Principal
Mrs Sepy Nadalin
Mrs Sepy NadalinReligious Education Coordinator
Mrs Kerrie Scott
Mrs Kerrie ScottLiteracy and Diverse Learning Needs Coordinator
Mrs Melissa Kingsley
Mrs Melissa KingsleyFamily Educator
Mrs Shannon Parawa
Mrs Shannon ParawaClassroom Teacher
Mrs Daniela Naidovski
Mrs Daniela NaidovskiEAL/D Teacher
Miss Toni Connolly
Miss Toni ConnollyClassroom Teacher
Mrs Rose-Marie Fagerstrom
Mrs Rose-Marie FagerstromClassroom Teacher
Mrs Gail Hrdina
Mrs Gail HrdinaClassroom Teacher
Mrs Jeva Longbottom
Mrs Jeva LongbottomClassroom Teacher
Mrs Josie Martin
Mrs Josie MartinClassroom Teacher
Miss Kirsten Page
Miss Kirsten PageClassroom Teacher
Mrs Megan Southall
Mrs Megan SouthallClassroom Teacher
Mrs Maree Mullen
Mrs Maree MullenLearning Support Officer
Mrs Patricia Marshall
Mrs Patricia MarshallLearning Support Officer
Ms Julia Illingworth
Ms Julia IllingworthLearning Support Officer
Mrs Christina Huopainen
Mrs Christina HuopainenLearning Support Officer
Mrs Lorella Regattieri
Mrs Lorella RegattieriLearning Support Officer
Mrs Maha Fahd
Mrs Maha FahdOffice Staff
Mrs Marisa Stefani
Mrs Marisa StefaniOffice Staff
Mrs Sophie Hatton
Mrs Sophie HattonOffice Staff